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Psychic Medium/Intuitive Healer



“Amy is a gifted Reiki Practitioner and Medium. She was the main reason I healed after my injury this Fall. My doctors were amazed by how fast I healed and recovered from all damage done to my radial nerve. They predicted I was still going to be doing PT and OT up to one year after my injury. Due to consistent Reiki sessions, I healed 6 months earlier than I was suppose to. I also have worked on other areas of my life and have been able to overcome many obstacles because of Amy’s guidance and messages from Angels and Spirit Guides.” - Renee R.

“Amy is unbelievable. She is kind, sensitive and made me feel right at home. My time spent with her exceeded my highest expectations. She has given me such a gift and I will be eternally grateful for bringing my Dad and my Sister in touch with me. Today is my birthday and it is by far the best birthday present I could have been given.” - Diane V.

“Words will never be able to express my gratitude towards Amy. She is not only a blessing in my life but a truly remarkable being. The love and compassion she has expressed to not only me but to my family has been overwhelming. She was so generous with her gifts and wisdom at the hardest point of my life. Amy held my hand while I let my Dad’s go. I will forever hold Amy sacred in my heart.” - Eileen R.

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