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Heal Your Self

- Private Reading -

Learn to heal your life with the assistance of your loved ones and guardian angels. Mediumship can be a beautiful, enlightening, and liberating experience. It can help you realize that we never truly die. We only transform into a higher plane of existence. A session with your departed loved ones and angels can be life changing and healing.

Through a deep connection with your loved ones, angels and guides, Amy will relay messages and inspiration for guiding you onto your true life path. She offers a way to connect with your loved ones that have passed on along with your angelic helpers for answers and guidance of life’s pressing issues.



- Group Mediumship -

Medium Angel Amy offers messages of love and light from your Loved Ones in a group setting. You will receive proof and evidence that your loved ones are still helping you from the other side. This session aids with understanding the continuity of life and how a soul progresses further into the peaceful heavenly realm. Group sessions are limited to 10 participants so everyone has a chance to hear from a Loved One.

* If the group exceeds 10 people, the fee is $35 but its not guaranteed everyone will hear from a loved one etc.

Mediumship 2-3 people 1hr
*per hour

Mediumship 4-8 people 1.5hr
*per hour

Mediumship 8-10 people 1.5hr
*per hour


Cash, checks and major debit / credit cards accepted.