Psychic Medium/Intuitive Healer - Danvers, MA Phone: 978-705-1411    

Psychic Medium/Intuitive Healer

Angel Amy


Amy is a gifted intuitive healer and psychic medium. She was graced with the ability to connect to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother as a child and has utilized this gift throughout her adult life helping many that have crossed her path. Her expertise is relaying messages of light and love through the art of mediumship.

Through a deep connection with the Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones she offers intuitive readings to assist in guiding your soul onto its true life path. To further develop her intuitive healing abilities, Amy decided to study two popular Eastern Medicine Techniques - Usui Reiki and EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). During each session, Amy lovingly aids clients on a journey of self discovery and reminds them of the true joy behind living a healthy, fulfilled meaningful life.

Service offers :

  • Reiki Sessions
  • Tapping Sessions
  • Mediumship

Cash, checks and major debit / credit cards accepted.